Welcome to The inter-company social service SSIE's website


We are pleased to inform you that our offices are open again.


You can contact us by phone or email to arrange an appointment. To make this possible, we thank anyone coming for an interview to respect the recommendations of the OFSP. Wearing a mask is recommended.


Thank you for your understanding.


You are an employee of a member company of The inter-company social service SSIE and have various questions, concerns or difficulties, (with regard to family issues, health, financial, housing ... ),

  • If you wish to look for solutions, SSIE is on your side to accompany you in this process,
  • We are a team of four professionals at your disposal
  • Our services are free for employees of any level
  • The interviews are confidential and are subject to professional secrecy
  • We act quickly (in the first 48 hours)
  • Normally appointments are held in our offices but if necessary, we offer in-company or in a place at your convenience.
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