We are pleased to inform you that our offices are open again.


You can contact us by phone or email to arrange an appointment. To make this possible, we thank anyone coming for an interview to respect the recommendations of the OFSP. Wearing a mask is recommended.


Thank you for your understanding.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

All active member companies SSIE and their family members,

For some businesses retired employees may also appeal to SSIE.

To find a listen and help deal with a personal, family, work, health or financial difficulties.

- By calling directly to SSIE:   022 304 12 90        (option to leave a message)

- By fax at 022 304 12 99

- Email: info [AT]-ssie ge.ch (replace [AT] with the @ sign)

- By contacting the Human Resources department, the nursing service of the company, commission staff or the Samaritans of the company have our contact information.

In the offices of SSIE who are in the rue du Grand-Bureau 16 to Acacias.

We can also come in the company (by appointment) or at another location according to convenience.

For employees of ABB Sécheron and Caran d'Ache is a permanent monthly organized within the company.

No consultations are strictly confidential, the SSIE does not transmit any information to the employer.

It is only with the agreement of the employee SSIE may contact the company.

It's free, this service is fully supported by employers.

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