We are pleased to inform you that our offices are open again.


You can contact us by phone or email to arrange an appointment. To make this possible, we thank anyone coming for an interview to respect the recommendations of the OFSP. Wearing a mask is recommended.


Thank you for your understanding.


We are on your side to help you in many areas. Whether you are looking for information to clarify your situation or to find solutions : contact us!

Financial issues

One-off difficulties, chronic debt problems and debt reduction, budget management, requests for funds,...

Family issues

Domestic difficulties, education, separation, divorce, housing, aging parents,…

Administrative Issues

Pension fund, social security, help in dealing with local authorities,...

Health related issues

Sickness, addiction, dealing with grief, debriefing in case of a traumatism,…

Work issues

Disability, dismissal, unemployment, tensions, retirement


Self-questioning and life crisis,...

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