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The inter-company social service SSIE was established in 1970 as an association within the meaning of Articles 60 and following of CO by the following companies in Geneva: Caran d'Ache SA, Firmenich SA, Naville & Cie SA, Stern Brothers SA, and Wittnauer & Cie SA. A social worker was hired to meet the demands of employees. To date Firmenich SA and Caran d'Ache are still members of SSIE.

Chiefs of staff, that we today call human resources department, of 6 companies found at the time that:

  • they could not devote enough time to social problems that some employees presented to them and that sometimes they had neither the skills nor sufficient knowledge to deal with some issues
  • social problems experienced by employees interfered with the operation of the company
  • some companies did not have enough employees to justify hiring a social worker.

These officials were members of MS, the Society for Study of the staff. They worked for 2 years on the project and have contacted a social worker who worked in Freiburg where a social service inter-company had already been established.

Today, the association has 8 members: Firmenich SA, Sécheron ABB SA, Banque Cantonale de Genève, Bunge SA, Caran d'Ache SA, Cargill International SA, Firmenich SA, Rolex SA and SGS.

The International Social Service is a business association established in accordance with Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code.

  • An association implements statutes, which are the rules that contain the purpose, resources and organization of the association (art.60)
  • It is a non-profit organization (art.60)
  • The General Assembly is the body that has the supreme power of the association (art. 64)
  • All members have equal voting rights (art. 67)
  • Management, SSIE's committee, where each party is represented, seats regularly to manage the business and represent the association in accordance with its statutes (article 69)
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